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  Hello! I am Teacher Phoebe. I’ve been teaching ESL and EFL to toddlers, elementary students, High school students ,University students and even professors for almost four years now. I am fond of teaching English and I want students to learn in a very fun way. I love to write about anything that captures my attention, I am mentored by a famous best-selling author here in the Philippines. I want to publish my own books someday.I am also like everyone else who has a passion in eating. I love to try different cuisines and delicacies from different countries. I love to bake and I love milk tea very much. That is what I can share for now but you will get to know me more as we have our class together. I would like to hear from you as well. I hope to see you in our class!

     你好,我是Phoebe老师,很高兴认识你。我是一名经验丰富的老师,教过刚学会走路的儿童、小学生、中学生、大学生和教授将近四年。我热爱英语教学,喜欢寓教于乐。平时呢,喜欢写随笔,跟随一位畅销书作家学习,期待有一天我也能发表自己的书。另外,我还是个吃货,喜欢品尝不同国家的美食,还爱烘培和奶茶。 这只是我的一部分爱好哦,以后会和你分享的越来越多的,也希望早日聆听你的爱好,课堂见哦!

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