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  Hello! My name is Melissa. I am an American who was born and raised in the Southern United Sates. I hold a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago. In my degree program, I studied writing, grammar, and literature. I love to travel and learn about cultures around the globe. Currently, I am studying French and Italian and I hope to live in Italy one day. I also love arts and crafts. I enjoy making clothes and sharing crafts with friends and new people wherever I go.Before I began teaching, I worked as a volunteer ESL tutor in Chicago. After graduation, I earned my CELTA and taught for two years in Asia. I teach both adults and children, and I feel I am very lucky be a teacher because I can share my love of the English language with many people.I believe that learning English should be fun. Students should always have a positive learning experience so that they will learn as much as possible. I hope to see you soon!


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